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The Short story, a faithful friend

The Short story, a faithful friend

If Short story did not exist?

The hypothesis that anybody who loves literature does not wish to imagine. Indeed, if this well-established literary genre named Short story did not exist, the passionate of words which do not always have the time to write a whole novel, would be very unfortunate!

This is a thought that I often make myself. It comes when seized by the desire to write, I am surprised to smile by putting on paper a story of a few pages. As if initially, the imagination had already chosen in what form it wants to deploy: long format (novel) or short format (short story).

I really love Short story, this faithful friend! On this site, through excerpts of texts or audio edited on video, I invite you to a part of my imagination.

« Azania », (Short stories Collection)

« I’m indifferent to the hands that grip me, trying to make me let go. I don’t care about her suffocation or the shouts of the customers. I don’t care about the scandal I caused. I squeeze ! I squeeze more and more. I’m sick of this unfaithful! I’m so sick of this never-satisfied woman! »

In Azania, six faces of women are revealed, six strong personalities sometimes seen through the eyes of the men around them. As a backdrop to these slices of life, the city of Yaoundé, a full-fledged actress in this comings and goings.

About me (Fourth cover of AZANIA):

Interview Minsili Zanga par Joseph Mbarga
Interview Minsili Zanga par Joseph Mbarga

« Minsili ZANGA MBARGA was born in Cameroon in the Center region (Yaoundé). Holder of a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Central Africa, she is the author of a book which features the myth of the mamiwata (Alima and the Prince of the Ocean, Prize for Youth Fiction in Mauritius, 2002). Founder of a former women’s magazine (Culturefemme) and of the Dzaleu.com platform, she also writes poetry in African language (Ewondo) and in French. »

Her favourite quote :

“In a globalized world, bringing added value to it necessarily requires a culture seen as the basis of our actions. Otherwise, we confine ourselves to the role of consumer. «

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