Patrice Emery LUMUMBA (2/7/1925 - 17/1/1961)
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The name we give, the name we call : An ode to Patrice LUMUMBA

The name we give, the name we call : An ode to Patrice LUMUMBA

On January 17, P. E. LUMUMBA * left this world.

I loved you so much that I gave you the name of my Blood, and everutime I call him, everytime somebody call him, it’s your name / vibration that resonates in this World and Elsewhere. I couldn’t have done less🙏🏾

Our names, keys that beg to be used, but how many use them in full consciousness?


Your child, how many times in a day do you call him with ❣️by his last name, his african name? How do you call him in general on a daily basis? With names giving by colonizers, other cultures even if these days, it seems like your new culture. Those names are names of other Ancestors.

Yes, what we believe in the depths of us, can be read in our actions, colors our vision or even there secret, just as it determines our reality / lived.

So, how can we hope to change this experience without touching its foundations?

Patrice Emery LUMUMBA

The real revolution is first of all an inner affair, it is the most difficult, the one which pushes to see oneself as is, to accept oneself as is in order to decide to change what one considers necessary to change.

This revolution which forces us to shed our own lies is like accepting to die in order to be reborn.

On January 17th, P. LUMUMBA left and yet his memory is more alive than ever ❣️

* P.E. LUMUMBA (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Nationalist, Pan-African, born on 2/7/1925 and assassinated on 1/17/1961.©