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Mintsogán (Thoughts): Lying to oneself

Mintsogán (Thoughts): Lying to oneself

Lying is a death of the self especially when one lies to oneself.

And the more you lie to yourself, the more you will try to justify your choice/attitude. Behind, an unbridled need to find a coherence, a meaning in what one feels confusedly as anachronistic.

And in this need to justify his lies to himself, whoever is seen as capable of lifting the veil of illusion, becomes a danger. Self-defense reaction, in short.

Your first savior is you!

Your first savior is yourself by this ability also to accept that you lie to yourself.

It is not so simple. It is a leap into the unknown of our Interiors. It’s overcoming certain fears, it’s almost like jumping into an abyss. It requires a certain strength, it’s difficult and yet possible. © Minsili Zanga

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