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From reader to author

How did I get to the written word? It’s a long story, I leave it to @Lalettre who had devoted to me years ago an article, to tell you a few snippets about it :

« Born in 1973 in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, Julienne ZANGA, after her literary BAC, pursued studies in Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaounde. She moved to France in 1996, after her Master’s degree. First settled in Anjou (Western France), Julienne Zanga, until then a major reader, began writing to alleviate homesickness. It was in 1997. Since then, she has not stopped. »

Minsili Zanga "Ngon Melan" @minsilizanga on Social Media
Minsili Zanga « Ngon Melan » @minsilizanga on Social Media

From « Julienne » to « Minsili »

Fans of the details will have understood it, my name in the civil status is « Julienne » but beware, none of my friends or relatives have any interest in calling me other than « Minsili », a name that I have chosen. Who knows, maybe I’ll tell you it story one day.

If not, do my writings talk about what? Place again at @Lalettre:

« When asked to define her writing, the author is eclectic. She approaches the youth genre as much as the novel or the short story, and caresses the desire to try later on the comics (scenario). For her, ‘the imagination has no restriction. So, why be confined to a particular literary genre?’« 

For the comics, I later had the opportunity to test it through CultureFemme magazine, through a small screenplay scenario that I will make you discover one day. But my writings today focus on the novel, short story and poetry genre.

« Ngon Melan », an alias, a story but shhh !

Speaking about novel, little indiscretion already with a project that has fascinated me for two years and that transformed me to my great pleasure in a mini globe-trotter! All I can reveal for the moment is that this project is closely related to my nickname « Ngon Melan » but shhh ! Do not go quickly! ©Minsilizanga.com