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Author or poetess?

Who I am, author or poetess? The two, but let me tell you a little secret, when I began to be interested in poetry, I took a long time to consider myself as a (feminine word, I hold in it) : « Poetess« .

The word itself can be scary, like a kind of Olympus reserved. But, the time having come to be fully listening to oneself, it means first to name oneself as one sees oneself. So yes, I consider myself a poetess !

Poetess ?

Not easy to claim it nowadays. Poetry is the almost neglected parent of the publishing world. In France, all major publishers have almost turned away. Poetry is not saleable, it’s said. It’s even boring for the common people, we hear.

In the article « The discreet and inevitable march towards poetry« , I give my point of view on the subject. Marketable or not, there are some of my writings that can only be said in this form: poetic! Today, I choose to say these writings on this platform, regardless of the dictates of the publishing world because …

To write is to say
To say is to speak
Words that resonate with our inner
Words that we put down on a paper
To write is to say our inner world
Long live to the digital world !
This world where words become images

A sentence, a text, an atmosphere
The one born of imagination
From the one who writes the one who receives
Sharing, communion.©Minsilizanga.com