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« Let’s be the first to see our own value »

« Take life as a school where you came to do something, and you’ll find the way to shine in your own way, not necessarily by becoming a star, because shining is not just about being a world celebrity. »

I have already said these sentences for me or for someone else, facing a situation where it is not futile to say it again.

A neighborhood tailor who does his work with passion, who does not give you 3 false appointments is a a daily star. A youngster who fights with his rickshaw or juggling odd jobs, while, like others, he could fall into twisted paths, is a daily star. A woman who fights with her small job while everything pushes her to opt for other ways, is a star of everyday life.

How many of us are daily stars without knowing it because we are waiting for another to come and teach us our value?

So, now, let’s be the first to see our own value. » ©Minsilizanga.com

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