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Goodbye 2019, welcome 2020!

Goodbye 2019, welcome 2020!

And here came the famous end-of-year message. But far from stuffing you with good resolutions or other « false » good ideas that we rarely hold, I will simply share with you two of my wishes.

At midnight on December 31, we will raise a glass to greet the New Year. For my part, like every December 31, I will take a little moment to pour a little liquor in memory of my Ancestors and all those who preceded us. And in doing so, my thoughts will also relate to those who for one reason or another, will not be able to enjoy these moments: illness, poverty, pain, etc.

So, among my wishes for the year 2020:

To put inspiring people on our paths

Those who by a word, a gesture, a smile, push us to see the best in us, the best in life. And this regardless of the difficulties we are going through. Because if there is one thing that age has taught me, nothing, absolutely nothing beats love. And by love, I don’t think only of the one between man and woman. A friend who gives you sincere moral support is love. A parent who calls his child living abroad to thank him for what he does for his family is love.

To give us the opportunities to do more and better than this year just ending

And for that, we only need willpower. The power to know how to question ourself. If in 2019 we spent 95% of these 2 daily hours on the Net insulting and clashing from left to right, and if in 2020, we thought that this activity may have fun at the time, but in the end, it’s still free nastiness. If in 2019 we never took a second to encourage a niece, a brother to persevere in his path, in 2020, why not do otherwise?

May 2020 allow us to experience each of the best versions of ourselves. It is not easy, but it is possible.

Happy New Year. ©Minsilizanga.com