Poetry "Come, Friend, Come" (Minsili Zanga)

Ewondo Poetry: « Ză, á mvoé, ză! (Come, Friend, Come!)

Ma sug !
Hi, dear readers

This year, I’ll regularly share excerts from my poetic texts in French, or in Ewondo language. Ewondo is one of the variants of Fang-Beti language (Ekang linguistic group, Central Africa). Some texts will be the subject of an audio-video reading, so stay connected by subscribing to my newsletter.

But First, I want to apologised to all my English-Speakin readers. The truth is that I’m a French-Speaker and even doing my best, I still have some issues with English especially while trying to traduce my poetry in English. Poetry is subjective, so sometimes I just dont know how is the best way to give the same Ewondo idea in English, same thing with French sometimes. But if you understand the main idea of my excerpts, it’s ok isn’t?

Excerpt from the poetry “Ză, á mvoé, ză! « 
(Come, Friend, Come!)

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Poetry "Come, Friend, Come" (Minsili Zanga)
Poetry « Come, Friend, Come » (Minsili Zanga)
Ză, á mvoé, ză !
Ză bí tám tә kə
Á ǹnam məlú bí bә bɔ̀ngɔ
Efà minnnəm mínә nló dzóbo
E minyón mí mod yә efúb efúb
Come, Friend, come!
Come to make a tour
In the country of our childhoods
Where our hearts are suns
And our tears, diamonds
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