Evidence of kindness on our daily life

These discreet acts of generosity in our everyday life

How good it is to experience these little acts of pure happiness, proof of spontaneous kindness!

These discreet acts of generosity are proof that our daily is littered with little miracles. Like being sitting in a parisian station, and observe, intrigued, the unknown who approachs  you. He speaks softly, almost apologetically for interrupting you.  

« Excuse me lady, I just found this 50€ on the floor, I was wondering if it was yours?  »  

You are so surprised that you look at him in silence. These days, in a Paris train station, there are still people who, seeing a 50€, are able to not pick it up and continue on their way, but ask someone if the money belongs to them.  

In short, the banknote was not mine, the stranger left with, leaving me with this ǹtsogán* about generosity. ©minsilizanga

*Ǹtsogán (Beti-Ewondo language, Central Africa) : A thought