Manu Dibango Jazz Cameroon

« Abui Ngang », thank you for all, Manu Dibango

When I learned that Manu Dibango had left the hospital and was resting at his home, like many probably, I had a sigh of relief. Certainly, at 86, you could say that he had had a busy life. In this life, there are some people who, even knowing them only from afar, mark millions of their contemporaries. This is the case of Manu Dibango.

Like many, I would have liked to see him again at the turn of a song, of a TV program, hearing his inimitable deep voice, after these difficult moments that we live on the planet. Alas, it will not be, this icon, this giant outside and inside, has left us.

Imposing physically by his large size and his look like no other, Manu Dibango despite his celebrity was someone very accessible. I remember one of the rare times I saw him in concert a long time ago. Everyone wanted to approach him. And he was smiling with everybody with that smile that we all know. He was here answering everyone’s greetings, lingering to exchange a word. Even without knowing him intimately, it could be seen that he was a good soul. It could be seen that the smile that seemed to perpetually inhabit him was as much outside as inside. He was radiant!

He leaves us during this difficult time for the whole world. I think of all those who would have liked to pay him a last tribute but will not be able to do so. I think of Cameroonians, he brought so much to our homeland with just his music. For me, it’s a vibrant image of what the artists of my childhood were: bringing people together, caring our inners, soothing our souls, teaching others through music.

Thank you for all that he has brought us. « O kele woae mvoae a Nyamodo », I would say in Ewondo, my language. Rest in peace, Manu Dibango. We are sad, but we know our Ancestors will welcome you back with joy. © Author – Poetess – Founder of