Rêves croisés (extrait du recueil AZANIA)

Thought is creative

Thought is creative

Creative Thought here must be seen in a non-reductive way.

More broadly, it’s about what shapes our vision of the world, our paradigm, the one that will serve as a framework for our reality.


If we believe that « an envoy » will come to save us, then our actions (our experience) whatever the efforts that we really think we are doing, will turn on this belief.

Observe your ways of acting without a self-guilty gaze, you will notice and learn a lot. This is also introspection, to observe oneself without judgment, to look at oneself as a spectator, to see some incongruities or contradictions appear. It’s one of the doors to help us pinpoint what is stuck in our lives and change it. It’s one of the voices to « empower » us as Co-creators of our experience / reality.

Each of us is a co-creator of reality

Indeed, each of us is a co-creator of reality, a co-creator of what we experience individually and collectively.

Its first savior is Oneself.

The real change, the real spiritual revolution, prelude to the physical (material) one, comes through this awareness. And to arrive at this awareness, often traumatic experiences will be lived, people will be put in our way, to act as a trigger.©Minsilizanga.com