Literary excerpt – « Otsíra-The Smoke »

Literary excerpt – « Otsíra-The Smoke »
(Once upon a time there was a little girl as beautiful as the sun)

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Otsíra-The Smoke

Once upon a time there was a little girl as beautiful as the sun!

It was in times so remote that the memory of Man had forgotten the count.
The little girl was so beautiful that the mere sight of her brought smiles to the faces of those lucky enough to see her.

It was said that before her birth, his father, convinced that a marvel would be born, had acted in a way that astonished everyone around him. He started looking for a name for his daughter, long before she was born. He lost sleep and smile, no name finding favor in his eyes.

Then, the child came into the world and with it, the return of the smile on the face of the father.

The child was so beautiful!

So beautiful that her father and mother decided to call her Otsíra-The smoke.

They called her Otsíra-The smoke, so that her name sheds a veil over her beauty. As a result, Ngɔn-La Lune, Queen of Heaven and indisputable Beauty of this world, would not have to harbor any jealousy against this beautiful little girl like Ǹló Dzóbo-Le Soleil, her Luminous Spouse.

But, as nothing escapes the Queen of Heaven, despite the smoke which surrounded Otsíra with a halo, Ngɔn-La Lune had seen the beauty of the child. ©Minsilizanga.com – « Bəngɔn Məlan »