"Pourquoi j'ai quitté certains réseaux sociaux" (Minsili Zanga)
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Mintsogán (Thoughts): The unsuspected paths of avoidance

Mintsogán (Thoughts): The unsuspected paths of avoidance

Too many people are ready to live vicariously behind anyone who sells this life by proxy to them, no matter how delusional it is.

It’s not just drugs, alcohol and other addictions that are used to escape reality

Becoming a fan of… It is also to flee a certain experience, substituting it for that of this personality or star or any person seen as a kind of ideal, and who thus becomes the symbol of all that one would like to experience as reality.

Influencers, for example, also exist because there is a crowd to follow them, and this crowd thus becomes the energetic substratum of their existence as influencers

When the influence has a positive impact (for example, by encouraging people to know themselves better and therefore to act in a way that is best for them), the energy at play is undoubtedly on the side of building energy.

But when the influence is only there to feed envy or desire, to distract, to distance oneself, then yes, it’s not so different from all these means of avoidance and flight from reality that the human being set up. ©Minsili Zanga

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