And if we stopped taking part in artist clashes?

My 2 cents: And if we stopped taking part in artist clashes? Or to believe that the golden palm will return to the fan who will say the most negative thing to an artist?

To all fans who spend their time insulting artists under the pretext that rivalry with their favorite artist and the one who is under the pillory? Let’s not talk about those who are waiting for any picture of an artist to fall on it and begin with very negative comments as if it were a game.

The sudden departure of DJ Arafat also reminds us that artists are people like us. We all know today the power of social media. And if the next time someone feels the urge to oppose such artist with such another, to foment unreal conflicts, can we thought about it? We can like an artist X, but it is not a reason to insult artist Y or wish him failure.

It was on Instagram that I first saw the announcement of the death of #DJ Arafat. Going on his page, how sad to read comments sometimes made the night before, sometimes with incredible nastiness. I wonder what is actually the feeling of those who wrote these words?

DJ Arafat, whose real name is Ange Didier HUON, was born on January 26, 1986 in Yopougon in Abidjan. He died in a motorcycle accident on August 12, 2019

Rest in peace, DJ Arafat, you had your hot temper but really, you will have brought a lot to this young Africa who only wants to blossom like a flower. RIP, the artist! <3 ©