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African languages: How can we value them?

African languages: How can we value them?
I invite you to read this interview with the artist and author-composer Camerouanise Assako.

The original interview is in Beti language (Ewondo). Here, excerpt from the French translation which you can consult in full on www.dzaleu.com, as well as the English version and of course, the original version of this interview.

« When you do not speak your language, at a certain moment you feel a lack, as if your identity was incomplete. For me, singing in language has been a choice and a fight. When we reclaim our languages, we reappropriate our true identity. We better apprehend the world with its referents. Knowing one’s language also helps to put an end to artificial barriers. For example, one can really exchange deeply with those of the village, and see the extent of their knowledge. It’s enriching. »

Source & full article : DZALEU.COM