MINSILI ZANGA - Dialogue mère-fils (photo à titre d'illustration uniquement /DR)

Mother-son dialogue or when their words lead to rich teaching discussions

My son (12 years old) who I’m talking about Dzaleu.com’s Facebook audience * (18-34 years old majority)

Him: Good mum, considering the figures I imagine that it is not with them that you will go to speak about files like « how to overcome the crisis of quarantine! »

Needless to say, those words tore me a laugh before the guy continued:

Him : Although, I really liked the psycho video on women’s bodies after giving birth.

Me: Oh good?

Him: Yes! Yes ! It was very interesting !

And here we go for a very intresting discussion on the look of a 12-year-old pre-teen, on a subject such as social pressure on women’s bodies.

So parents or just older, the next time your child, nephew, niece, little brother, sister asks you questions or surprises you with a question, the opportunity is all dreamed to let them express themselves freely. And then, its can be be a surprised to see how much behind the anecdotal, their thinking is built. And then, one can see the wisdom behind the humor. @Minsilizanga on social media

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To see the video my son is talking about:

Women’s Corps and Social Pressure