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« Crossed dreams » : A little story about the birth of a Short Story

« Crossed dreams »: A little story about the birth of a Short Story

« What inspires you ? »
« How do you find these stories? »
« Is this a true story? « 

These are some of the questions that often come up about my writings’s process. Without going into the series of answers that I often give, just note that my writings are inspired by my imagination as much as everyday life.

But, why do we write a particular text?

Sometimes it is the result of an idea that has been living in us consciously for a while. Or else, the idea is there, almost unconscious, and an event occurs that puts the ideas in place, and the story is transformed into words.

Sometimes (rarely for me but it can happen), the story is the result of a specific command. In a word, I’m invite to write on a given theme. This was the case for « Crossed Dreams ».

Years ago, the municipal newspaper of my city of residence contacted me to participate in its edition dedicated to travel. And thus « Crossed dreams » was born. For me at that time, it was impossible to simply speak of travel as physical displacement. It went hand in hand with a range of emotions, including heartbreak, expectation, hope.

If traveling seems obvious to one part of the world, for another, the reality is different. Free movement is a dream that is sometimes inaccessible. Through this short story, I wanted to evoke both the physical journey and the inner journey of those who have left far from home, but also of those who are about to leave. On both sides, « Crossed dreams. »©