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In a few words…

Born in Cameroon in the Central Region (Yaounde), Minsili ZANGA is holder of a Master’s degree in Social Sciences obtained at the Catholic University of Yaounde. She is interested in sociology, culture and themes related to beauty and self-image. Former editorial director of CultureFemme magazine, she is the founder of Dzaleu.com, a site dedicated to Lifestyles, Culture & Natural Beauty.

Author of a youth novel that portrays the myth of the mamiwata – Alima et le prince de l’Ocean (Alima and the Prince of the Ocean), Youth Novel’s Prize of Mauritius 2002), her literary bulimia which was long put in stop to devote herself to the writing magazine and press, is again her priority: here, she shares extracts of her writings. Engaged for some years in documentary research work and on the African field that should end in several novels including an intimately related to his nickname « Ngon Melan » (but mystery!), she is interested more and more in poetic writing which constitutes according to her, « a delicious mixture between orality and musicality » in line of virtuosos of the Mvet, major art of the Fang-Beti people from which she comes.

From reader to author

Minsili who, younger, spent her time reading, would never have imagined writing. « It’s reading that led me to writing, by a natural process that I only became aware of later, » she likes to say. As if to read was the prelude, the preparation for the act of writing.

Her words: « In a globalized world, to bring a surplus value necessarily passes by a culture seen as the foundation of our actions. Otherwise, we are confined to the role of consumer. And with a name like mine (Minsili / questions), no question not to question such a prospect sә nála!* « 

*N’est-ce pas !

- Master's Degree in Social Sciences

Catholic University of Yaounde

- Editorial director

CultureFemme Magazine

- Founder of DZALEU.COM

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