Author or poetess?

Minsili Zanga Vidéos Lectures & Poésie en partenariat avec DZALEU.COM

Who I am, author or poetess? The two, but let me tell you a little secret, when I began to be interested in poetry, I took a long time to consider myself as a (feminine word, I hold in it) : “Poetess“. The word itself can be scary, like a kind of Olympus reserved. But, … Lire l’article…Author or poetess?

The discreet and inescapable walk to poetry

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Make up narrativesSee short stories popping upObserve the birth of a storySleeping words on the newsDissect a social factYes, I did all of this But to devote myself to poetry?For me she stayed thereCantoned to versesReduced to stanzas and quotesQuatrains of my school years Dissyllabes quadrisyllabes … Oh my!Pentameters heptameters … A Ǹti wama!Crossed rhymes … Lire l’article…The discreet and inescapable walk to poetry

Editor manager, a passion never denied magazine en langue Beti, Français et Anglais. Vidéos, News, Culture, Beauté & LifeStyle avec en prime, des supports pour apprendre la langue Ekang

Providing the editorial management of a media requires, besides the passion of all that touches on writing, to be versatile, eclectic, ready to give as to receive. Open-minded, the Editor manager is able to work with diverse backgrounds. With a good general culture, he must, on the one hand, ensure the creative side, on the … Lire l’article…Editor manager, a passion never denied

Once upon a time … CultureFemme

Minsili ZANGA : "Assurer la direction éditoriale dans les thématiques Culture & Beauté, une passion jamais démentie. Ici, devant un numéro du magazine CultureFemme. Retrouvez-moi désormais sur DZALEU.COM, magazine trilingue Ekang, Français, Anglais"

It was early 2000s, the beginnings of Internet for the layman. And already, were all the promises of this tool. To offer the world and afford the world without barriers! It was difficult for the young African woman newly settled in Europe that I was not to seize such an opportunity! That of being able … Lire l’article…Once upon a time … CultureFemme

From reader to author

Point de vue sur

How did I get to the written word? It’s a long story, I leave it to @Lalettre who had devoted to me years ago an article, to tell you a few snippets about it : “Born in 1973 in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, Julienne ZANGA, after her literary BAC, pursued studies in Social Sciences … Lire l’article…From reader to author

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