The discreet and inescapable walk to poetry

minsili-zanga-longue-marche-vers-la-poesie-photo©Freepik - A titre d'illustration

Make up narrativesSee short stories popping upObserve the birth of a storySleeping words on the newsDissect a social factYes, I did all of this But to devote myself to poetry?For me she stayed thereCantoned to versesReduced to stanzas and quotesQuatrains of my school years Dissyllabes quadrisyllabes … Oh my!Pentameters heptameters … A Ǹti wama!Crossed rhymes … Lire l’article…The discreet and inescapable walk to poetry

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Providing the editorial management of a media requires, besides the passion of all that touches on writing, to be versatile, eclectic, ready to give as to receive. Open-minded, the Editor manager is able to work with diverse backgrounds. With a good general culture, he must, on the one hand, ensure the creative side, on the … Lire l’article…Editor manager, a passion never denied