Alima and the Prince of the Ocean : More than a simple story about Mamiwata

Alima et le prince de l'océan (Minsili Zanga, Dapper Editions, France)

The most intense moment in writing process? For me, it is the one where the act of writing is externalized. In a word, when you see the story being created instantaneously. A story that often takes its own way, different from what we had imagined. Afterwards, there is the pleasure of reading again. There is … Lire l’article…Alima and the Prince of the Ocean : More than a simple story about Mamiwata

Once upon a time … CultureFemme

Minsili ZANGA : "Assurer la direction éditoriale dans les thématiques Culture & Beauté, une passion jamais démentie. Ici, devant un numéro du magazine CultureFemme. Retrouvez-moi désormais sur DZALEU.COM, magazine trilingue Ekang, Français, Anglais"

It was early 2000s, the beginnings of Internet for the layman. And already, were all the promises of this tool. To offer the world and afford the world without barriers! It was difficult for the young African woman newly settled in Europe that I was not to seize such an opportunity! That of being able … Lire l’article…Once upon a time … CultureFemme

The Short story, a faithful friend

minsili-zanga-la-nouvelle-ce-genre-litteraire-amie-photo©Freepik à titre d’illustration uniquement

The Short story, a faithful friend If Short story did not exist? The hypothesis that anybody who loves literature does not wish to imagine. Indeed, if this well-established literary genre named Short story did not exist, the passionate of words which do not always have the time to write a whole novel, would be very … Lire l’article…The Short story, a faithful friend

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